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Dr. Michale “Mickey” Barber offers an integrative approach to age management medicine while

providing the patient with an assessment of hormonal balance and overall health and disease risk.

Her philosophy for successful aging includes maintaining energy, health, and sexual vigor through

shared responsibility of the patient-doctor team. Dr. Barber not only teaches her patients about

hormonal balance but practices such balance herself. She has competed in Masters level figure

competitions at the age of 48 placing second and ten years later competing to a standing ovation.

Given a strong family history of heart disease and cancer, she takes her health very seriously and is

a living example of the benefits of the program.

Dr. Barber has been CEO/CMO of Better Life Carolinas for two years.  Previously, Dr. Barber was

CEO/CMO of Cenegenics Carolinas for 12 years. She graduated from The College of Charleston,

completed medical school at The Medical University of South Carolina, completed her residency at

Tulane University, and finished her fellowship at Harvard. She also was an assistant professor at

Tulane University. During her training and career in academic medicine, she received several

awards for clinical performance and teaching skills. Throughout her academic and private practice,

she passionately pursued her interest in health, nutrition, exercise, and mind-body medicine. Further

studies and certification in Age Management Medicine allow her to combine her unique interests and

training to empower her patients to live vigorous, healthy lives at any age. In November 2012, Dr.

Barber was awarded the top honor in her field and presented with the Alan P. Mintz Award for

Clinical Excellence in Age Management Medicine.

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