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Sanctimonious and Shrinking James Comey

Comey functions via WIJI Board. This was said but it made me feel like this.  I wasn’t strong enough. I thought the president might lie. I was uncomfortable. Really at 6’8” and all this time at the top of government you feel insecure. Maybe you can find a safe space at Columbia University Law School with you coconspirator leaker buddy. #SenMarcoRubio highlighted how self-serving the leaks were by nothing the only thing not leaked was that President Trump was not the target of any investigation.

Let’s talk about the memos. Writing CYO memos was a well-entrenched practice in Politburo when members would meet and write self-serving /throw the other person under the bus memos. It is obvious that Comey hated Trump from the beginning and had set this trap for him. How come you didn’t write a memo at the time you caved into AG Lynch.

Trump was not happy with how the FBI was tracking down leaks. Now we know the reason they were dragging their feet. Comey was the PRINCE of LEAKERS. Imagine this level of betrayal, private conversations with the president being leaked to the media in a self-serving way through a Columbia Law Professor.

It’s pathetic to see Comey saying he wasn’t strong enough and felt intimidated when President Trump said I” I hope this Flynn investigation can be dropped.

I hope is not obstruction of justice as some people would wish. Among many seasoned lawyers #AlanDershowitz said the president like others in the past has ultimate authority in who to prosecute http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/alan-dershowitz-history-precedent-and-james-comeys-opening-statement-show-that-trump-did-not-obstruct-justice/article/2625318

Biggest loser were the Lame street media like #WASHINGTONPOST and #NEWYORKTIMES that consistently either don’t get the facts right or are guilty of outright fabrication. Even MSNBC Captain Obvious #CHRISMATTHEWS say the is no there there in regards to Trump collusion with Russian intelligence.

Now we have a Special Prosecutor investigating the no crime crime investigation.

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