Rant 6 15 2017 Rep Scalise Shooting, Mueller DNC Hit Squad

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The shooting of Rep Steve Scalise is a continuation of leftist totalitarian violence meant to scare and stifle conservative speech. You may have forgotten about the Bush supporter attacked on election night when Obama won https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=652_1227747055&comments=1 .  It continued with yelling down conservative speakers at universities and other venue, escalade to violent ANTIFA protest while police stood by( Berkeley and San Jose and others) and now we have flat out shooting targeting Republican lawmakers.

Robert Mueller assembling DNC death squad for special prosecutor office. All five heavy weights are DNC donors and operatives including Jeannie Rhee, also worked as a lawyer for the Clinton Foundation and helped persuade a federal judge to block a conservative activist’s attempts to force Bill and Hillary Clinton to answer questions under oath about operations of the family-run charity. http://www.lifezette.com/polizette/robert-mueller-stocks-staff-democrat-donors/

Now it is not possible for president Trump to get a fair assessment of the facts when the main accuser is his protégée and close friend James Comey. This is not just a close relationship this is almost a father and son situation. First clue was that Comey was not under oath when he met with Mueller.

Now they may be violating the law when leaking information to the press. This is a political hatchet job.Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein needs to call in Mueller and tell him to get his and his teams shit together or resign

Tragic story of student who has been jailed in North Korea and has been in a COMA for over a year http://www.chicksontheright.com/u-s-student-released-north-korea-coma/ . Just when you thought they could not be any more savage the North Koreans hit a new low. We will have to deal with them sooner or later militarily unless China does.

Old Dominion is going crazy fighting heterosexism.  http://www.chicksontheright.com/universitys-safe-space-committee-wants-fight-heterosexism-oppression-something/ . So now if your straight then you are an enemy of the state. It’s like one of those movies where totalitarians take over and the most clueless person become in charge because they can blindly follow orders. This lunacy will only stop when alumni close their pocket books.

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